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I'm one of those people that tries to read everything about a subject that interests me. These are the books that helped me learn the most about losing weight with smoothies.
Smoothies! The Original Smoothie Books (2 Volume Set) by Dan Titus

This was the first book I ever read about smoothies. It is actually a specialized set that includes two books. It is written by Dan Titus, the founder of the Juice and Smoothie Association. These books will give you everything you need to know about the health benefits of smoothies, plus they give you 160 delicious recipes. Planet Smoothie was my favorite.

Cover of Smoothies!
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Sensational Smoothies

I had read a lot about smoothies and had a lot of ideas about how to lose weight, but this ebook put it all together for me. It helped me stop craving sweets and other fatty foods which in turn made it so much easier to lose weight. When I was dieting heavily, I never experienced the crankiness and lethargy that many of my dieting friends experienced. I credit this to the huge doses of vitamins and fiber I was getting from the smoothies I was drinking. I really have to credit this book for my weight loss success.

Cover of Sensational Smoothies
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More Smoothies for Life: Satisfy, Energize, and Heal Your Body by Daniella Chace

This book gave me a bunch of new recipe ideas. All of the recipes are super healthy. It is so important when you are cutting calories to lose weight that the calories you do eat give you all of the nutrients your body needs. This book helped ensure I was eating right while losing pounds. This book also introduced me to flaxseed oil and nutritional yeast, ingredients I had never heard of before. There is a whole section on using smoothies to burn fat.

Smoothies for Life Cover
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The Smoothies Bible by Pat Crocker

With over 300 pages, the Smoothies Bible by Pat Crocker is the most complete book on smoothies that I have ever read. It contains essays on general health and nutrition. The section “The A to Z of Smoothies” describes the different types of smoothies and how they fit into a balanced diet. The book also lists 63 different common health problems and then makes suggestions for smoothie recipes that wil help relieve the condition (or at least its symptoms). The best part of the book is the smoothie recipes. They are simple and easy to make.

The Smoothies Bible Cover
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500 Smoothies & Juices: The Only Smoothie & Juice Compendium You'll Ever Need

As its title suggests, this book has 500 recipes for smoothies and juices. The recipes are easy to follow. Many of the recipes were for a single serving, which I found helpful. The book also has suggestions on how to pick the freshest ingredients. I learned a lot from these tips.

500 Smoothies and Juices Cover
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And don't overlook this great book...

Green Smoothie Revolution by Victoria Bouenko

Green smoothies are a bit harder to get into than fruit smoothies. Their smell, texture, and taste take a bit of getting used to. But they are fantastic for keeping healthy and losing weight. This book describes a great way to combine fruit with your vegetable smoothies. The fruit makes it more palatable. As you get used to the taste, you put in less and less fruit until you can enjoy a pure vegetable smoothie.

This delightful book is a fantastic way to ease into the world of green smoothies. It is easy to read and full of interesting tidbits. The author really did her research. There are a lot of anecdotes about losing weight that will keep you inspired.

Green Smoothie Revolution Cover
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28 Day Bootcamp by Spark People

This isn't about smoothies, but it really helped me when I was losing weight. It is a great 28 day exercise program that I really enjoyed.

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