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Hi, Iím Jennifer!

Iím a Human Resources specialist for a large company, and one of my jobs is to give an orientation presentation to large groups of new employees. During one of these presentations, I made a passing reference to a banana strawberry smoothie recipe I make. I didnít think much of it until the next day when I checked my email and found that 50 people had emailed me for the recipe!

I was a little surprised and a little embarrassed. I had started making smoothies for weight loss two years ago. I wonít tell you my exact weight, but it was north of 190. My goal wasnít to become super fit or become one of those painfully thin women you see in the weight loss ads. I just wanted to get healthier. In fact, it was doing those orientation presentations that made me more conscious of my appearance Ė imagine being 42 and having to stand in front of a room full of 20-year olds. Youíd want to lose weight too. Now, I am pretty close to 140, and smoothies were a big part of my weight loss strategy.

I emailed everyone back and gave them the recipe I had mentioned. Since it wasnít a recipe made by an expert chef, I was hesitant to send it, but I did it anyways. I kept getting emails back asking about how I had lost so much weight with smoothies and the different smoothie recipes and ingredients I used. Because of this response, I finally decided to put what I learned about losing weight with smoothies on the Internet in case someone else finds it helpful.

So keep in mind, Iím not a doctor, a nutritionist, or a dietician. Iím just a normal person sharing my experience. Smoothies helped me lose a lot of weight, and they will do the same for you. I know you will find the information on this site and on the sites I link to incredibly helpful in helping you meet your weight loss goals.

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